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2.08: What Does Feminism Say?! I DON’T KNOW!!

May 29, 2019

There comes a time in every twenty-something girl's life when she will be forced to have her childhood sweetheart stall her date with Jennifer Aniston’s future ex-husband because she has got stuck in a toilet. For Ally, that time is right now! 

This is a complete PICKLE of an episode so we’ve called in reinforcements! Our very own Bygones super-fan David Trumble has dropped by to talk mud wrestling, dumbsticks, whether Justin Theroux is predatory or just opportunistic AND delivers his very own serve on Billy ButtHurt earning him a round of applause! Join us in this epic dissection of 90s feminism as this episode we discuss s2e8: Just Looking.


Find David Trumble on Twitter (@drumble) and don’t forget to keep an eye out for his first feature-length movie UglyDolls, out Aug 16 in the UK!


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